2897 – One Is Never Enough

I found it quite funny that two shops on opposite sides of the street did advertise with the same theme but opposing messages. One had a big “One for all / All for one” in its window, the other “One is never enough”. It was in a pedestrian area, thus I had no problem standing in the middle of the street.

In order to avoid my own reflection, I had to take the image slightly off-axis, but I knew that I could correct the perspective later in Photoshop. I also knew that I would make two versions, a normal and a mirrored one, and that I would put them side by side. This way both texts, the one in front of me and the other in the reflected window in my back, would be readable.

I used f11, an aperture that is already borderline on Micro Four Thirds, focused with autofocus on the text in front of me, and then I manually adjusted focus to be in between the two texts. On my camera, as soon as I use the fly-by-wire manual focus on my lenses, the image is enlarged around the focus point. Normally I’ve set enlargement to 14x, thus I could see the tiny amount of magenta and green fringing from longitudinal CA. Remember, focusing happens at maximum aperture, and of course once the camera stops down, the fringes are gone. As soon as I had a slight magenta fringe around one text and a slight green fringe around the other, I knew that the focus was perfect. It was quick and painless. This is one of the advantages of electronic viewfinders.

The Song of the Day is “One Is Never Enough” by Ten Beers After. Hear it on YouTube.