2895 – Forever Gamer

Kazuuu!, our lovely kitten is a little over a year old now and she frequently seems to find us boring. Even worse, she’s been alone at home for whole working days, thus the idea to find her company.

Introducing Gamer! He’s her little brother, a young boy from the same mother, about ten weeks old, a clumsy but fast runner and a fanatic climber.

I was naive. Kazuuu! looks exactly like their mother and Gamer is such a tiny baby that I expected no problems at all. I thought it would be like “Hey little brother, I’m Kazuuu! Let me first show you the toilet”, but it was actually pretty dramatic. The young guy was very open at first and didn’t understand at all, why someone looking like his mother tried to murder him. At least that is what it must have looked like.

Two times we’d already decided that it would never work and that we would have to give Gamer away. Two times we tried again. Well, research on the Internet shows that this is normal. Everybody has the problem. It may take a week or two, and the more you interfere (by “protecting” one of the two), the longer it takes.

In our case it took less than a week. Kazuuu! managed to get him under control, now they play with each other, eat from the same bowl and sleep on the same rag. They don’t yet wash each other, but I guess that’s not far away 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Forever Gamer” by Nightcore. Hear it on YouTube.