2869 – Seven Shades

Ok, it’s only one shade, a sunshade, but “Seven Shades” by The Babyshambles is still my Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.

By the way, do you remember my plan to create an application that would take my data from Last.fm and put it into my own database? My plan to make an Open Source application that would solve the problem of how to keep one’s own music “collection” without physical records or at least digital downloads?

It all came to nothing, I encountered some difficulties and inconsistencies in what Last.fm stores and how it is made available, spent lots of time learning a new technology that I finally decided to not use, and thus much time passed. It made me wiser, but it did not solve my problem.

And a problem it is. When I decided to tackle it, it was only an extrapolation, an expected problem, but now after more than half a year I do see how I’m beginning to lose the feeling for a “collection”, how I begin to forget what I once found to like greatly, in other words I see me consuming music in a much more linear fashion instead. I like something, I hear it for a few days, and then in all that mass of music I find something else, and in the end I may even forget about what I once called a “favorite” or “loved” on Last.fm.

Babyshambles are such a band. I have heard one or two albums once or twice, I liked them, but then I simply went on and forgot about them. It’s easy to see how it will be in a year or five.

This may not even be a real problem at all. Maybe it is just a different way to hear music, that is just as well as how I heard it before. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I don’t know and I can’t tell. Time will tell, and just to avoid future regrets, I guess it would be nice to have some kind of database as a safety net 🙂