2866 – The Train

You may remember my decision to never again buy paper and plastic, i.e. printed books and music CDs. Even remember that I’ve decided to stop buying music downloads and do streaming via Spotify instead?

Well, it’s a success. Reading e-books has made me a much more active reader and hearing music on Spotify constantly lets me discover great music made by artists I’ve never before heard of. Wanna hear an example? “The Train” by 17 Hippies, a group that has been in business for a long time but never caught my attention. It is a great song and a good example for the quality of their other music. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2866 – The Train”

  1. I’m in total agreement Andreas. On both counts. Since converting to e-books I have read far more and I’ve also found that using the Goodreads web site has opened me up to titles and authors I may not have considered otherwise. The same goes for Spotify where music is concerned. Now if only there was a decent movie streaming equivalent which includes all the extras you get on DVDs I would definitely have a lot of available shelf space.

    1. Yeah, I agree: of all content markets the movie market is in worst shape.

      There is one of my favorite movies of all time, Franco Brusati’s “Dimenticare Venezia” (“To Forget Venice”). You can’t buy it in any language but Italian (which I don’t speak). I had a perfectly synchronized German version, recorded on Video 2000 in 1984 though. That’s the same version that was shown in our cinemas. It’s gone. Completely lost.

      Another example is Bertrand Tavernier’s masterful pre-revolution movie “Que la fete commence”. I’ve seen it in German, bought it much later via Amazon.fr on DVD and, voilà, the DVD has all languages as long as you want French. It’s annoying.

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