2863 – Just Like A Mirror

There is one more thing that makes photography so pleasant. It is a medium for a kind of conversation with another self. I have always been interested in art, and not only in consuming art, but also in producing it, and at the same time I am a passionate computer programmer. In a certain way this is even the same kind of interest in creating things, but there are also differences.

Programming computers is not only about creating, it is also very much about analysis, about taking things apart and trying to understand how they work or, more often than not, why they don’t.

Photography, on the other side, is for me a mode of immersion. It is the exact opposite of analysis. It is plain seeing, unfiltered by a pre-processing mind. It is letting go and seeing what happens.

The Song of the Day is “Just Like A Mirror” by Dr. John. Hear it on YouTube.