2862 – Deep Night III

It’s hard to tell why I take an image of a certain thing and it would even be impossible to answer the question of what I want to “express” with my imagery.

I take images of things that catch my attention, but there is not one single reason why things do so. Sometimes it is a matter of very subjective beauty, sometimes it is a certain kind of tension in an arrangement of things, sometimes it is balance, sometimes it is all of that, and more often I just don’t know.

I actively try to see with heightened sensibility, and I do, but when I do, I don’t apply any prescriptions, don’t apply rules. I let my own photography surprise myself, and that’s part of the pleasure, that’s part of why I still do it, that’s part of why photography is so recreational, that’s part of why it never tires me.

One last time is “Deep Night” by Frank Sinatra my Song of the Day. If you haven’t heard it yet, now would be a good time to do so on YouTube.