2845 – A Little Rain II

A few days ago I wanted to go swimming in Vienna, but when I arrived in my favorite bath, Gänsehäufel, an island in a backwater of river Danube, rain was imminent.

And so it fell. The island Gänsehäufel is basically a big park full of cottonwood trees and I can remember at least one incident during the last years, when smeone came to death during a thunderstorm, slain by a falling branch.

On the other hand, it decidedly looked like a storm passing to the north, and therefore I waited in a restaurant, along with some parents who had failed to leave with their children in time.

In the end I got what I had come for. Rain subsided, I swam for a few minutes and the day was a full success 🙂

The Song of the day, “A Little Rain” from Tom Waits’ album “Bone Machine” has already been used in “1098 – A Little Rain“, but that’s been almost five years ago. I guess it is OK to re-use it today 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.