2832 – Painted Chariot

Well, not really painted but colorful, not really a chariot but a rickshaw. Anyway, that’s what challenged my lens one afternoon in Villach.

It was that experiment of using primes for a weekend. Here I have used the marvelous Olympus 17/1.8 – at f5.0 in glaring sunlight. Any cheap kit zoom would have sufficed and certainly so one of my three zooms that cover that focal length 🙂

I had high expectations for this image’s performance on Flickr. Actually the processing of the image, the carefully adjusted tonal distribution, the perfectly optimized colors and the exact crop, that’s what I was proud of. Guess what? Nobody looked 😀

But that’s the problem with “success” on Flickr: so much seems to depend on timing. Some days are better than others, some times of day seem to be best for uploading, and all that obviously also depends upon where you live and where most of your followers live.

I frequently see images uploaded late at night get a few faves early in the morning, but then there’s nothing for hours. I suppose a lot of people visit Flickr in the morning, likely from work. That explains the morning rush coming from followers in Europe, and it also explains the gap while the sun crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyway. Regardless of its poor reception on Flickr, I really like this image, and maybe it is because it took me a few attempts at processing to get it where it is.

The Song of the Day is “Painted Chariot” by the Incredible String Band. Hear it on YouTube.