2828 – Carried

I have all my recent images on Flickr, but normally from my blog I link to versions of them on my own server, filed under names of my own choosing. The reason is, that from Flickr file names it is impossible to find out what the actual image is. Of course one can look at the image in a browser, but what if the account were suddenly deleted? Flickr out of business? Worse things than those have unexpectedly happened, and just in case I am prepared.

I was lucky once to have been able to figure out the file naming schema of SmugMug when I was forced to change ships, I wouldn’t want to ever risk it again. Imagine the HTML source of 2828 blog posts, all linking to at least one image, and you have no idea which. You know you have the image on your hard drive, you can even approximately tell from the post’s date what likely candidates would be, but due to the sheer amount of posts that would be a task doomed to fail.

Well, today the image displayed is one hosted on Flickr. The reason is, that I have rotated it after uploading it to my own host but before uploading it to Flickr. This rotated version is it, that on Flickr entered Explore and was carried to 11.000 views and 90 faves so far. My own preference? Irrelevant. You can’t argue with 11.000 views 😀

The Song of the Day is “Carried” by K T Tunstall. Hear it on YouTube.