2826 – Primitive

Associations are strange beasts. This image somehow reminds me of a computer game that I’ve played twelve years ago. It was a fantasy action game, “Severance”, aka “Blade of Darkness”, where you had a choice of four different characters to play with. Each had a distinct starting level, the rest of the game was common, regardless of how you chose.

My favorite character was the Barbarian, starting out in a map clearly modeled after the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde. Where’s the association, you ask? Well, I don’t know, it’s just there in my mind. That’s what associations do. They intrude 🙂

Maybe it’s the primitivity of the imagery in the graffiti, maybe it’s that the architecture looks like stone pillars with a slab of stone atop, maybe … I don’t know. I like it for the contrast between the strength of the symmetry and the apparent neglect, and of course I like it for the colors.

The Song of the Day is “Primitive” from Annie Lennox’ album “Diva”. Hear it on YouTube.