2818 – Give It To Me Straight

Always the same song? Doesn’t it get boring? Right, thought so 🙂

We’re in Switzerland now. The northern third of Lago Maggiore is in Switzerland, and the main city at the lake is Locarno.

Locarno is neither a very interesting nor a very beautiful city. Not that it’s ugly, but somehow it lacks something special.

But, wait a minute, there is something. The city itself is small with an old but unspectacular Visconti castle, some mediocre churches, but where the mountains rise, their sides are covered with luxurious residences. Everyone of these thousands of houses has an incredible look on the lake, because none of them has anything in front.

There is a pilgrim church high on the mountain. It was drizzling, thus I did not go in, but on the image to the left you see what it looks like. Once it stood along at that height, today this is the only view that mercifully hides the apartment buildings around it.

The Song of the Day is “Give It To Me Straight” by The Locarnos. Hear it on YouTube.

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