2817 – Viaggi e Miraggi VII

It’s hard to choose. I like both images of today. The cloister is in a former monastery in Voltorre near Varese. It almost has been rebuilt, only on one side the original structure seems to be more or less intact, the other sides have been reconstructed in concrete, with fragments of original pillars embedded. Obviously the cloister has been in very bad shape.

We couldn’t visit the small church, because it was closed for reconstruction and through a gap we could see how it was full of tools and scaffolding.

It would have been easy to be disappointed with what’s left of the former monastery. The ruins of church and monastery had been integrated into a small village, almost dissolved among humble rural architecture. At the same time this is also interesting. It’s no Disneyland and no Neu Schwanstein, it is a piece of history that was saved just before it could vanish entirely.

The second image is a look through a window on the ferry across the lake. I don’t know why, I like it. It’s also a good match for our Song of the Day (week?).