2788 – Details In The Fabric II

When I saw this scene, a cloud was in front of the sun and the shadows were only barely visible. A look up at the sun seemed promising and thankfully I waited.

My new neighborhood in Vienna is visually much less varied than the seventh district where I used to live. There are still bicycles, but largely they feel lost between all the cars. Things are bigger here and less detailed. Mostly 🙂

As in “1970 – Details In The Fabric” (more than two years ago, already shot with an Olympus camera), the Song of the Day is “Details In The Fabric” by Jason Mraz. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2788 – Details In The Fabric II”

  1. An excellent capture Andreas and an excellent choice of music. I like Jason Mraz; I would say his song “I’m Yours” is easily my favourite song.

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