2784 – Senegal

I’ve taken this image in glaring sunlight on a bright day. The border between light and shadow was exactly at the bottom of the wall, with the pavement fully lit. Contrasts were brutal, but I had no trouble getting the appearance of even lighting in Lightroom. Even when you look at the full size on Flickr, you’ll hardly find the noise objectionable. Cameras are so good these days 🙂

Of course you could find fault in my artistic choice of evening lighting out at all, but for me this image is not about light, it is about two windows, the patterns, the highly stylized tag and their relation to each other. To my taste, the two-dimensional, flat look was the obvious abstraction to use.

The Song of the Day is “Senegal Fast Food” by Amadou & Mariam, featuring Manu Chao. Hear it on YouTube.