2773 – Saint Behind The Glass

In terms of architecture, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, all the parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, are really just the same. This church could be everywhere in that whole region.

The door was closed, therefore I’ve taken the image through the glass of a window. 1/6 s, f4, ISO 500, the E-M1 and the tiny 12-32 did just fine. The window was slightly out of the main axis, but otherwise I am pretty satisfied.

By the way, in this case I held the front of the lens flush to the glass, in order to avoid reflections. Therefore stabilization was not so much of an issue. In general I can report though, that the combination of OM-D E-M1 and Panasonic 12-32 somehow feels even better stabilized than the same camera with some of my other lenses. Odd, huh? After all, it’s the sensor stabilization at work here, and that should be independent of the lens mounted.

Well, maybe it is just the size and weight of the lens and the way that my camera is balanced with that lens mounted. Maybe I hold it in a more stable way, maybe nothing of that is true and I simply imagine things. In any case I can say that it might probably be slightly better, and for sure it is not at all worse 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Saint Behind The Glass” from the Los Lobos album “Kiko”. Hear it on YouTube.

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