2772 – Lucky

Fashion is maybe a concept that I have grown too old for. Fashion always interested me and for a few periods in my life I have followed it with passion. These were also cases of a process being more important than its outcome.

Have you ever thought about painting cat’s whiskers in your face and going out like that? You’ve done that in carnival? Really? And now? Would you do that now in mid-May? And if not, why not? One doesn’t do that, huh?

Fashion is the kind of conformant deviation that herd animals allow themselves to enjoy. Wearing old fashion or non-fashion means staying behind or outside, being rejected from the herd.

Well, apart from the fact that trend setters and fashion makers by necessity have to do just that, and in their case fashion gets created out of non-fashion, apart from that, just not caring about fashion can be incredibly liberating.

Not caring about fashion means not caring about other people’s opinions about things that only relate to me. Mind you, I don’t suggest ignoring other people’s opinions in general, much to the contrary, but if I like my walls painted in bright colors (as I do), then I have them painted in blue and green and yellow, with red and white furniture, and if the world cries “Garish!”, I just relax, smile and enjoy to be free.

Why this post is called “Lucky” you ask? Oh my, just because. “Lucky” by Kat Edmonson is such a nice song, I had to use it 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.