2764 – Flash

Today I’ve got the cover of some electric installation, made from a certain kind of plastic that seems to deteriorate into fibers and looks kind of bearded. But then, this is Austria and you just have to expect the unexpected beard 🙂

Oh my, Austria as winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s the second time in my life, the first time was Udo Jürgens with “Merci Chérie“, but that was 1966 and I was only two years old.

I normally don’t see television, but this Saturday by chance I saw the whole show. I rather liked the country song form the Netherlands that ended up in second place, but there was nothing wrong with our Conchita Wurst’s performance. The song “Rise Like a Phoenix” was a well done James Bond song with a perfect light show right out of The Hunger Games. And that’s fine as well 🙂

Anyway, the Song of the Day is “Flash” by Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan”. We’re back to Jazz 😀