2763 – Green Grass

Morning light in Spring. It’s as beautiful in Vienna as it’s everywhere, and with that kind of light you often don’t need much of a subject.

I’m writing this and a few other posts while riding the train from Vienna to Villach, knowing that the new Panasonic 12-32 has already arrived. At the time when you read this post, I will already how it performs, especially in regard to purple fringing. On Olympus cameras this has been the major weakness of three of the Panasonic lenses that I’ve tried so far, of the 14/2.5, the 20/1.7 and – worst offender of all – the 7-14/4.0. Only the 25/1.4 has been flawless and we’ll see how this tiny zoom behaves.

The Song of the Day is “Green Grass” from Tom Waits’ album “Real Gone”. Hear it on YouTube.