2728 – Perfect World

In a perfect world we would know exactly if a color temperature is correct or not and actually the camera would be able to determine it accurately, thereby reducing the need to even worry about the concept. It turns out though, that correctness is a concept that does not even make sense in that context.

I can see the red of my windbreaker in the reflection. It looks perfectly correct and precisely saturated, but I am sure that the golden-yellow is much more colorful than what I have seen.

On the other hand, what I have seen was much brighter and the sun was blinding in a way that my and your poor screens can’t even begin to reproduce. Fortunately so, I might add.

Still, the feeling that I get when I look at this image is not very different from what I felt while being there. Correct? No, not at all. Satisfying? Yes, indeed!

The Song of the Day is “Perfect World” from “Little Creatures”, my all-time favorite Talking Heads album. Hear it on YouTube.

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  1. When my wife and I lived in England my wife used to do a lot of hiking around the countryside. I bought her a red jacket so that whenever I needed someone in the landscape I was shooting I had someone to pose; a spot of red on green fields or against a row of green fir trees or whatever ๐Ÿ™‚

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