2714 – Oblique

First World problems? Well, I’ve got three of them 🙂

The first problem is, I’ve got more images to post than days a week. Ok, I could do as other people do and just post more than one image per day. I’ve done it in the past and I do it today.

The second problem is, that I often find music on Spotify that I don’t find on YouTube, and that makes it impossible for me to link to it. For this post I had a good song called “Slanted? Oh Yeah!!”, but because I couldn’t link to it, I’ve searched on and settled with “Oblique”.

Actually that’s not entirely true. I could link directly to Spotify, and even without a premium account you could hear the songs – for free. The problem is, you’d at least need a Spotify account. Even worse, Spotify is available in only a few select countries, thus, if a song is not on YouTube, I don’t play it.

The third problem? I have too much music in my inbox. Being able to choose the best title among millions of songs confronts me with so much new music, that I have trouble hearing all of it 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Oblique” by Eddie Palmieri. Hear it on YouTube.