2712 – You Dream Flat Tires

“Vulkon”, that may have been a brand of tires, once, an eternity past, when this ad was new and contributed to somebody’s income. Long past. The workshop has likely been closed, the workers may have retired a long time ago, who knows, some may even be dead.

The Song of the Day is “You Dream Flat Tires” from Joni Mitchell’s 1982 album “Wild Things Run Fast”. We’ve had the album a few times, but we’ve never had the song. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2712 – You Dream Flat Tires”

  1. “Vulkon – Wir sind seit 1986 spezialisiert auf die REPARATUR und INSTANDSETZUNG von Reifen aller Art – inklusive EM Reifen.” Maybe this is the same company?

    However, the first hit by Google was better: “Vulkon Entertainment was a fan-run company which specialized in science fiction-related entertainment.”

    There is something of “after apocalypse” feeling in the photograph…

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