2704 – Laid In Earth

Cemeteries are melancholy places almost by definition, and when a cemetery is old and neglected like the immense Jewish part of Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof, it is doubly so.

In this scene I loved the long perspective, the shadows of the trees, and without knowing I was extraordinarily lucky. Look at the full size on Flickr: There are two people in the far distance, exactly at the vanishing point, exactly in the right pose. I’ve tried a variant before and one after this shot, only a few seconds apart, but this is the only image with the two. I’m glad it was the best composition anyway 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Laid In Earth“, Dido’s Lament, today sung by Ane Brun. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2704 – Laid In Earth”

  1. Hello Andreas,

    this picture is a wonderful “memento mori”.

    My wife an I like the atmossphere at the famous old Jewish Jewish cemetery in Prague, if it would’nt be so overcrowded byhordes of tourists “nowadays”. “Nowadays” means since about 24 years, since the collaps of the communistic regime in the former Czechoslovakia. I think, I have been two times before 1989 in Prague, visiting the old Jewish cemetery. The morbid “charme” of Prague on a cold foggy November day there, the cemetery…impressive and memorable. And then at the Staranová synagoga you could get the feeling, Franz Kafka will come around the corner just now.

    I have not been at the Jewish part of the central cemetery in Vienna until now, but your pictures will motivate me, to go there.

    Furthermore I am asking, wether you are also printing your pictures, especially the above one, and selling it. If yes, give me an information about the possibilities and the costs. I can give you my address in Vienna or I can also pick it up personally, no problem:

    About the size? I don’t know yet. I have to check it in our flat, I want to mat and frame it and would give your picture a prominent place.

    Thank you in advance for a reply.

    Best regards from Hungary


    1. No, I don’t print them, I don’t sell them, but if you want one of my images printed, just do it yourself. It’s all Creative Commons BY-NC-ND. You can find the full sizes on Flickr. You may have to search through my Photostream, but everything published since mid-2010 is there, albeit not necessarily in the order as published on the blog.

      Of course that means printing a JPEG and that’s often not the best way to do it. If you really, really want to print a color image and you can’t get it to print well from the JPEG, please contact me, I may be able to supply you with a Photoshop file or a RAW file.

      If you want a signed copy, well, we can meet in Vienna, you bring along the print and I’ll sign it 😀

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