2692 – Waters Of March

The actual image was taken a few days ago but today is the first of March, so I guess using this title will be fine.

Now, streaming music, my workflow has completely changed. No longer am I restricted to what music I own (and sometimes I’ve bought music in order to use it on the blog), now I can choose freely from a much bigger collection, from Spotify’s whole catalog.

Looking at the image and knowing the date, of course my first association was “Waters Of March”. I own two versions of this Jobim classic, one by Holly Cole and one by Cassandra Wilson, and I am sure I have already used both of them more than once 🙂

Today I have heard 12 versions of this song that I didn’t know before. One of them is by David Byrne and Marisa Monte, taken from the AIDS benefit album “Red, Hot + Rio”. I like both artists, so this one was a given. The next one is a completely unusual and very dramatic rendition by Mina Agossi, a singer from France with strong connections to Africa. Finally I have the charming duet between Jamie Broza and his daughter Carmen. There’s more, but for now my “incoming” playlist folder on Spotify is full to the brim 😀