2689 – The Old Tower

It feels odd to have parted with Amazon. A little bit like a lover lost. Or something like that 🙂

Anyway, here’s a track from a collection of “royalty-free” music distributed by ShockwaveSound.com. It is called “The Old Tower” and it’s composed by Bjørn Lynne. You can hear it in full length, albeit overlayed with the acoustic equivalent of a watermark.

Wonder about the steep price of US$ 99.95 for a CD? Well, it’s royalty-free music. You shell out this outrageously high price and then you can use it for whatever you like, for instance as a soundtrack for your US$ 100,000,000 Fantasy movie (shot with your Panasonic GH4, what else :D). In other words, this is not where you’d normally buy music. I for myself found it on Spotify.

Oh yes, Spotify. Today I payed my first 9.99€ for the next month of music. For a whole month I have not payed for a single music download. Instead I have enjoyed a free month of music, and as a consequence I have heard more music than ever and learned about new artists at a staggering rate. In other words: I enjoy it wildly 😀

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  1. Andreas, it was a one-sided love anyway – they loved you advertising but not much more… It’s always like that when money is involved 😉

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