2682 – Concrete Wall

This is a wall along a street. It is slanted but I have deliberately chosen to take the image at an angle, in order to make the seams align with the left border. Water from all that melting snow runs down portions of the wall, that’s what makes for the sheen.

I’ve wanted to take an image of this wall many times, but normally on this street I speed along faster than I can make decisions. This time it I was slow enough 🙂

The image has been uploaded to Flickr without a white border. I currently use it as a wallpaper and actually it works pretty well well on my 16:9 monitor.

The Song of the Day is fittingly “Concrete Wall” from Zee Avi’s lovely 2011 album Ghostbird. “Lovely”? Yup, that’s a word that can be ascribed to music and the music can still be good 😀

Hear it on YouTube.