2681 – Snow Storm

Nothing wrong with snow at this time of the year, right? Yesterday we had 15 cm in the morning, and it was wet in the worst way snow can be. It was this kind of snow that seems to melt away when you just look at it. I put on my moon boots, took an umbrella and the camera, and then went out for a walk. Stupid idea 🙂

I simply came too late. The snowfall stopped almost immediately when I left home, turned to rain, and walking in the slosh felt kinda like wading in water.

In the end what you get is an image taken in the morning from our terrace.

Oh, by the way, not only did we have a wet snow storm, we had thunder and lightning all through the night and until noon as well. Can’t remember any thunderstorm in winter that lasted so long. May be my memory though 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Snow Storm” by Amarante, taken from their 2012 album “Fingertips That Would Dare To Paint Ghosts On Dirt”. Hear it from their home page.