2671 – Winter Fields

I had almost given up on the concept of matching the title of my Image of the Day with a Song of the Day from my collection. It had started to get repetitive long ago. Yes, I have a lot of music. More than 3000 CDs and maybe around 500 albums bought as digital downloads, between 40,000 and 50,000 tracks. One would assume this should suffice for a blog like mine, but then: not all good song titles make for good image titles, and apart from that, of some songs I have countless versions. Jazz standards come to mind.

Now on Spotify, with an almost limitless library, it is much easier. In this case I searched for “winter fields”, and what I got was “Winter Fields” by Bat For Lashes on her 2012 album “The Haunted Man”.

Did I know her? Hell, no. I can’t know everything! Do I like it? Yup, I do! Would I have ever heard it were it not for my Song of the Day-ritual? Definitely not. Do I feel smug? You bet 😀

Hear the Song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2671 – Winter Fields”

  1. Spotify vs. owning music, I have been thinking about this as well, and I’m paying to Spotify each month. However, occasionally I’m also buying music, for example for the children to be used on their mobile phones. A family subscription to Spotify on a multitude of different devices used by different family members isn’t really existing right now.

    Also, I like the photograph.

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem with eBooks as well. Sharing is part of human nature but not of digital distribution. The very means to achieve it in a digital world, reliable identification and tracking, are the same that are abused by our governments and corporations. It’s a mess and I see no way out.

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