2651 – There But For The Grace Of God II

There are many reasons why I decide to take an image to B&W. I may decide beforehand and then take the image using in-camera B&W, thereby already previewing it in the viewfinder in B&W. It does not happen very often, but it does.

At other times I find in post-processing, that the image works better without colors. Most of my B&W images fall into that category.

Finally there are the times when I don’t have any images at all. Then I browse through the images of the last weeks or months and see if I can find one that I can use, and when I do that, I also consider B&W.

This is another image taken in Kamering, an outtake, but it was an interesting exercise to convert it and to manage the extreme contrast, mapping tonal values to a nice, full histogram. In the original color image the sky was very dark and the wall extremely bright. B&W allowed me to bring out the architectural features in a way as if the image had been shot on an overcast day. The result looks very old-school to me, like in a 50 year old book about architecture, but I really like that look.

The Song of the Day is again “There But For The Grace Of God” from Mighty Mo Rodgers’ album “Redneck Blues”. If you like his music, you probably should buy directly from his own site. CDs are more expensive there, but you get a signed one, a photograph, a T-shirt and a good feeling as well 🙂

Hear the song on YouTube.