2637 – White Winter Hymnal II

I did buy the 20/1.7 yesterday, but before you see the first images taken with it, I just have to use a few more taken with the 12-40/2.8.

Winter, mountains and sunlight, that always fills my heart with joy, especially now that I sit on a train, rolling through a rainy night towards Vienna.

In the meantime I have finally sold my OM-D E-M5 – for a very low price. This was everybody’s Camera of the Year last year, and now an amount of 480€ was all I got after continuously lowering the price for a month. Seemingly the E-M1 is a big success, but unfortunately especially among E-M5 owners 😀

Anyway, I’m sure the new owner will like the camera, just as I did.

The Song of the Day is once again “White Winter Hymnal“, but this time not by the Fleet Foxes but by Birdy. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “2637 – White Winter Hymnal II”

  1. Wow, less than 500 for the E-M5? I would have taken it instantly as well for that price. Tho the E-PL5 is very nice, for studio work I miss the EVF when using a radio remote in its hot shoe…

    1. Crazy, yes, but no problem. Head over to DSLR-Forum.de and wait for a while. Most people try to go for a price slightly higher, around 550, though normally with a much lower shutter count than my 17000. Also you’d normally be able to negotiate a lower price. The same on eBay. You’ll see everything between 470€ and 530€, depending on wear. Crazy, but a good time to buy a good camera 🙂

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