2632 – High On The Mountain

I’ve promised you snow, here is snow. I had come too late to strive for the very summit, but I could take a side route into an area where you see the steep cliffs on the southern side of Mount Dobratsch.

What else? Oh yes, it’s the end of the year.

Was it a good year?

In general I’d say no. It was a particularly bad year for all the refugees who died at sea, trying to enter a fortified Europe, it was a bad year for the people of Syria, who found themselves as helpless victims of a domestic dictator and of ruthless, cynical foreign politics, and it was a bad year for everyone who up to now has believed in democracy and freedom.

It was the year when Rick Falkvinge plausibly explained why it’s probably too late for the US to stop becoming a police state, and once the dominant empire goes down into plutocratic totalitarianism, hardly any hope is left for the rest of us.

Was it all bad? Personally I can’t say so. I’m working in an interesting project with people I like, I suffer no hardship, I’m healthy and so are the people I love. Things are fine around here.

I even have a new camera. I’ve been using the OM-D E-M1 for about a month now, and although the OM-D E-M5 was a good camera, the E-M1 is better. It has a bigger, better viewfinder, better ergonomics, knows a few new tricks, and in general it gives up nothing of what made the OM-D E-M5 everybody’s Camera of the Year 2012.

No, personally I’m doing well, but, dear governments, can I still have some democracy and freedom please? I swear, I’ll praise you next year. Thanks a lot!

The Song of the Day is “High On The Mountain” from the Blood, Sweat & Tears album “B, S & T; 4”. Hear it on YouTube.