2621 – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean II

Here are some more images taken at Vienna’s Jewish cemetery, this time in color.

The day began with low fog, but by the time I had arrived at the cemetery gates, the fog had risen and I couldn’t make those graves-in-the-fog images, that I had come to take in the first place.

Nevertheless, there was dense fog between me and the sun, just not low enough to be photographically useful. Thus the light was low and colors were washed out.

One of the improvements in Lightroom 5.3 is, that they deliver camera profiles for Olympus cameras. These images use the camera profile “Vivid” (and then some additional vibrancy), thus they look less dull than it was. To my eyes the result is pretty believable.

The Song of the Day is again “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” from the Los Super Seven album “Heard It on the X”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2621 – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean II”

  1. Hi Andreas and Merry Xmas. I like this picture a lot, the composition and colours all work beautifully.

    I’m thinking of upgrading to Lightroom 5 and I’d be interested to know your opinions on the Olympus camera profiles (I have an E-M5). Are they reasonably accurate? At the moment I use Lightroom 4.4 which doesn’t have any Oly profiles and sometimes the Adobe conversion is a bit too saturated for my taste.


    1. Merry Merry as well 🙂

      For Olympus users two major things have changed in Lightroom 5.3. One is the presence of profiles. They don’t produce completely the same results as Olympus’ in-camera processing, but I think at least “Natural” is fairly close. That’s what I use when shooting color, that’s what I can compare. On the other hand, I don’t shoot RAW to just emulate the camera’s JPEGs. Therefore I don’t care a lot about profiles and their accuracy.

      The other major change, and for me that’s the big one, is that fact that the in-camera aspect ratio is no longer baked. You can change the crop after the fact, but of course the default is exactly what you saw in the viewfinder and what you’ve composed for.

      Thus I’d say, go for it. It’s definitely an upgrade.

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