Dec 122013

There are two things that I’d like to add to my short tutorial about customizing Olympus cameras.

The first is that when you temporarily switch to a “Myset” via a function button, the camera is temporarily in that shooting mode that was active when you saved the “Myset”. I have saved “Myset 2”, my B/W preset for low-light situations, in shutter priority (“S”) mode with a shutter speed of 1/10 s. Thus even when I use my Basic Configuration (saved as “Myset 1”) in color, aperture priority (“A”) mode and f5.6, as soon as I press “Fn2”, I am in shutter priority and 1/10 s immediately. That won’t cut it in good light, but in low light it is a fine starting point.

The second thing is an answer to the question why shooting in B/W at all. Well, it’s just a way of seeing. Of course I shoot RAW+JPEG, and when I decide to keep the image in B/W, I do a completely new conversion from RAW later. The point is, that a B/W mode for shooting gives me an indication of how the result will look like, and because of the electronic viewfinder I get it while composing. That’s mightily convenient and it often gives me the inspiration to try something that I otherwise wouldn’t.

The Song of the Day is “Shades Of Grey” from Billy Joel’s 1993 album “River Of Dreams”. Hear it on YouTube.

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