2611 – Try And Love Again

You may remember my sunrise images from a few days ago, taken with the sun rising behind the mists of lake Faaker See. I’ve tried it again and this time I wanted to use a long lens to capture scenes inside this insanely lit mist.

Well, it didn’t work out as hoped. There was clear sky again, but this time there were not the slightest traces of mist on the water. The long lens that I had mounted was the Olympus 40-150, a slow lens with plastic mount, my cheapest lens, but a good performer for its price.

In the end I used it at the short end, 40 mm, just the same as my superb 12-40/2.8, and when I finally decided to change to a shorter lens, the 17/1.8, I found out that I really love the convenience of the zoom in cold weather. You just keep the fingers in your mittens and keep shooting. Back home I immediately changed back to the 12-40 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Try And Love Again” from the Eagles classic “Hotel California”. Hear it on YouTube.