2594 – Creepin Up The Backstairs

It’s not a posh neighborhood where I live in Vienna, but honestly, I couldn’t care less. Industrial decay is a style that I’ve always liked in games like Unreal Tournament, and really, this looks a little bit like the result of a game level designer gone mad.

Down at the bottom level, in the most dangerous spot where the light is brightest, we would position the highest level pickup, possibly a Big Keg’o’Health or maybe a mighty weapon. The tree is in a slighty unfortunate position though, because it hurts the flow on the second level 🙂

And up the stairs? Of course there must be a sniper gun somewhere.

Hmm … but then, at a time when you find out that your heroes are killers, liers and fascists, at a time when you find out that democracy does not even exist, and that wars for economic dominance are fought under the pretense of fighting terrorism, first-person shooter games acquire a bitter taste.

The Song of the Day is “Creepin Up The Backstairs” from the 2007 Fratellis album “Costello Music”. Hear it on YouTube.

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  1. I have visited this posting several times, I don’t know what it is about the photograph which makes me come back.

    Anyway, today there was a long feature article about Greenpeace activist Sini Saarela in the local newspaper in Helsinki. She has been in court several times for demonstrating against industries’ practises, latest one was against Arctic drilling for which she was jailed in Russia.

    I’m sure many people would label Saarela a terrorist, but from the viewpoint of societal “industrial decay” I feel that there is something of value in what she has been doing, even though she has been on the wrong side of the law. The younger generation (or at least some of them) may understand more of the world than we do.

    A couple of days ago I walked with my daughter by the meat product shelf in a shop, and she said “A lot of animals were killed here”. I’m not really a vegetarian but lately I have been selecting the vegetarian choice more and more often.

    1. Have you ever read “The Sparrow”? The weird sci-fi book about Jesuits in space? Together with the second part, “Children of God”, it perfectly illustrates the problem with eating meat. As a species we totally blank out the idea that animals could be sentient beings, but what if that were no longer possible?

  2. Never heard of these books, thanks for the hint.

    “Children of God” seems to be available from the local library, but nothing else by Mary Doria Russell. Is it advisable to read the second book without the first?

    1. Unfortunately no. It’s a direct sequel.

      As to the books, I am afraid from a hard scifi POV they have all sorts of faults. Science fiction is a vehicle here. The books are clearly meant to transport a moral view of a religious author, but I find them extremely interesting anyway.

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