2587 – Old Habits Die Hard

The days are short now, daylight is luxury that I rarely enjoy, and even then, it’s November and the weather is what the weather in November always is here in Carinthia: lousy 🙂

When I took some images yesterday, it was already dark. That’s not entirely bad though, because in urban areas nighttime is a time of colored lights. Villach is small and lacks Vienna’s neon splendor, but even some reflected green can look interesting when taken with a yellow wall, an orange shop window, a few angles and a tilt 🙂

Tilting the frame has long been a habit with me. I do it less often now, but you know, old habits die hard.

That’s also the title of a 2010 album and with it the Song of the Day by The Kings of Nuthin’. Hear it on YouTube.