2579 – Drunk As Cooter Brown

This image was processed in DxO Optice Pro 9, exported as DNG, and finally post-processed in Lightroom. Somewhere on the way I’ve lost EXIF data (they are still in the DNG), but at ISO 250 and 1/5s I doubt that DxO could improve anything in the noise department.

I have used DxO for two reasons anyway: The original image was taken as a square and I found the square crop imprecise. While Lightroom does not give me access to the full sensor data and restricts me to the in-camera crop (which is what I normally want and what I at least don’t know how to get around), DxO presents the full image. Thus I could crop to a rectangle, because I couldn’t find a good square.

The second reason is, that DxO does a better job at distortion correction. Lightroom just uses the camera-set data from the RAW file, but DXO use their own lab-determined data. At least to my eyes and for this lens (Olympus 9-18 at 9mm), the result looked better to me.

In the end, the image still looks as if I had been drunk while shooting 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Drunk As Cooter Brown” from Cassandra Wilson’s album “Belly Of The Sun”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2579 – Drunk As Cooter Brown”

  1. Distortion correction is a tricky thing… Sometimes I like what DxO does for the lens I used, and sometimes my reaction is “That’s not what I saw!” Still, I usually give it a run just to check.

    That you can only access the in-camera crop using Lightroom is a disturbing revelation.

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