2576 – Kingdom Of Gold

Recently I sat outside of a typically Austrian fast food joint in a park in the town Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia. This is only about 20 km from Villach and although I’ve been there a few times, it was always on my way to somewhere. In reality I had no idea what the town looked like, because when you pass it nowadays, you pass it on the highway.

We decided to make it more than just a highway exit and we totally succeeded. For me Spittal is now the place where you get the best Pljeskavica burger in the world. Well, sounds like an exaggeration but it is not. Any better and it would be otherworldly 😀

Other than the culinary memory, the sun-lit golden leaves on the glass roof made an impression. It was a relatively warm day, although only for the time of the year, but the filtered golden light made perfectly up for a few degrees. Unfortunately it didn’t last nearly half as long as we’d have wanted.

The Song of the Day is “Kingdom Of Gold” from Mark Knopfler’s new album “Privateering”. Hear it on YouTube.

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