2552 – Six O’Clock News

Living far from Vienna’s center now has completely changed my approach. I don’t have to walk through center districts any more to get to work, I more or less cross the street. I walk less because I need to, and instead I do it willfully, more like a tourist than like an inhabitant. And that’s OK. It makes me explore and see in a way I have not done in a long time. The downside is, that I often come up with typical tourist sights. This clock in Vienna’s Hoher Markt (High Market) is one of them. I hope you don’t mind.

The Song of the Day is “Six O’Clock News” from John Prine’s 1971 self-titled debut album. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2552 – Six O’Clock News”

  1. Well, I for one certainly don’t mind “touristy shots” from Europe. Despite living in a multi-cultural country in terms of population, we have little cultural diversity in terms of sights.
    I like exploring my own city and despite the fact that Brisbane is often voted to be a boring city, I still manage to find interesting places. Relatively speaking of course 🙂

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