Oct 042013

Today’s three images were taken with my single least-used lens, the Olympus 60/2.8 macro.

It’s not a bad lens, not at all, it’s only that macro photography is not my forté. By all means, I really should sell this lens, pass it on to someone with a passion for macro photography, but then, I always had at least one macro lens, and sometimes they come handy.

The Image of the Day is of a wet cobweb on a fence, the water drops are on a leaf below the fence, and the third image shows the scene from a normal perspective.

The Song of the Day is “Closer Than Most” from the 2000 Beautiful South album “Painting It Red”. Hear it on YouTube.

  2 Responses to “2544 – Closer Than Most”

  1. This is the third time I have a look at the Image of the Day, I’m not sure what it is but I keep returning to it. Calming effect, meditative, …

    • Water droplets in the cobweb slightly right/below of the center of the third image, the one with the fence. The Macro lens was on 1:1 and the focus right in the middle of the web. Yes, it’s calming, as long as you’re not a fly 🙂

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