2531 – Hiding In Shadows III

Last weekend we made a short trip to Italy to visit my old friend Mario and his wife Claudia. They live in Vinci in beautiful Tuscany, slightly west of Firenze, aka Florence. Yes, Leonardo has been born in Vinci, a long, long time ago.

We had a hotel in Carmignano, on the other side of the hills, towards Prato and then Firenze. Originally we had intended to arrive early and to visit Prato, but for various reasons this did not happen. It was already late afternoon and therefore we decided to just stroll around Carmignano, enjoy the great local wine, take a few pictures and generally relax.

In color the Image of the Day didn’t work well. The gray stone, the blue shadows and the yellowish-green tufts of grass somehow fell apart, maybe because the distribution of colors was not in harmony with the composition. Going to black and white solved the problem.

The Song of the Day is “Hiding In Shadows” by Peter Green and the Splinter Group on their 1999 album “Destiny Road”. The last time I’ve used it in “2368 – Hiding In Shadows II“. Hear it on YouTube.