2527 – Twilight Time

This is not a composite, though I can’t say I haven’t touched it heavily. I have greatly increased contrast and I have done so selectively, I have increased local contrast (aka “clarity”), added a lot of saturation, shifted blues more towards magenta, corrected perspective, cropped the image, removed an insect and, well, maybe some more things that escape me right now 🙂

It’s not a composite though. It’s a reflection of the setting sun in a window of an Underground station, with a lamp behind the glass. Looks nicely surreal to me. Oh, and: no Photoshop. This has been done right in Lightroom 5.

The Song of the Day is the old Platters hit “Twilight Time“. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2527 – Twilight Time”

  1. You may drag me kicking and screaming into Lightroom, yet. 🙂

    But man, it’s hard to imagine letting go of my trusty bag o’ tricks — collected and honed since Photoshop was first released — and developing an entirely new routine.

    As for this image, I also love the surreal juxtaposition. Wonderfully seen, and processed.

    1. Well, I still have good ol’ CS3 installed for those rare cases when I need “Edit / Transform / Skew” to get a line into a corner that otherwise won’t go 🙂

      But really, that, panorama stitching and HDR, those are the only three things left in Photoshop, that I use from time to time.

      As to your bag o’tricks, Lightroom basically is ACR 8.2 + very useful selective adjustments + unlimited undo + DAM + book production + uploading to Flickr. In other words: almost all I need. And if I really feel the need for plugins (hint: I don’t), they all run in Lightroom as well.

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