2518 – Life During Wartime

Here’s one last image from those industrial ruins in Villach. Using the. Olympus 9-18, I took the image against the light, almost routinely, not expecting anything.

In post-processing it turned out quite well though, well enough in fact, that I use it as a wallpaper on my laptop now. As always, the full size in on Flickr.

The Song of the Day is “Life During Wartime” from the 1979 Talking Heads album “Fear of Music”. Hear it on YouTube. Unfortunately what is artistic fiction for me, is harsh reality for millions of people in less fortunate places.

2 thoughts on “2518 – Life During Wartime”

  1. Cliché… That’s the risk we take with foreground framing. The shot through knotholes, tree limbs, cracks and crannies. And then there’s this discovery. The foreground may be the feeling… the idea… the point… or.. no, it may be the mood, the setting, the proposition. I hesitate to write, “as usual” when thinking about your artwork Andreas… it seems as if I’m dismissing your work as formulaic when it is nothing if not…

    But here I’ve got to write, “as usual, you’ve stimulated my imagination with yours.” You see life through frames in a way that continually intrigues and moves. This jagged foreground in such tack-sharp… no, make that shard-sharp… focus is part of a continuum within the borders and what they frame becomes, well the frame to this proposition. Yeah, that’s it, you’ve framed the foreground with ordinariness of the world, making it all seem brittle and temporary in it’s unchallenging routine. Boredom shattered.

    Love it man.

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