2500 – A Little Bit Later On III

2500? Really? Well, to be honest, I am not perfectly sure. A few weeks ago I had already posted a series of images, and only after five or six posts I recognized that somehow the sequence was all wrong. After #2432 I had posted #2243 (or something like that), and from then on I always just looked at the number of the previous post and incremented that.

Still, I check from time to time and a quick calculation makes me confident that I can’t be off by more than four or five days – if at all.

2500 days, some more posts, because on a few days I had more than one post. A little bit less than seven years.

Yesterday’s image was of a sunset, this one is from a little bit later on, taken looking east. I like the calm of eastern sunsets 🙂

The Song of the Day is “A Little Bit Later On” by Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb. Hear it on YouTube.