2491 – Crystal Spa

An Underground station after midnight. They actually look pretty neat in Vienna, so neat that at least I had to make the lighting a bit more ominous 🙂

The lens is of course the new Olympus 9-18 again. I still play around with it, and while the lens is great, with a maximum aperture of f4 at 9 mm, it is obviously not a fast lens, not a typical night lens. By the way, the Panasonic 7-14 is not better in this regard, at least not at the wide end.

Would it make sense to wish for a constant f2.8 or f2.0 ultra-wide lens? Certainly not. Such a design, although possible, would be extremely expensive (OK, there are always people who pay every price), but what is more important, it would be so big and so heavy, that the size and weight advantage of Micro Four Thirds would be completely lost. If you want something like that, go for the Nikon D800, the Nikon 14-24/2.8, and don’t forget to bring a trolley 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Crystal Spa”, a wonderfully meditative piece from Jon Lord’s 1998 album “Pictured Within”. Hear it on YouTube.