2487 – Where Do The Children Play III

I’ve had an image of this wooden horse in winter, more than a year ago, but still, every time I see it, I get furious over what some people’s idea of a playground is. Even though the place looks substantially bigger due to the extreme wide-angle distortions, it still looks small.

Well, you know how big a toy horse is, how big a fence and how small flowers are. That’s a lot of distortion! In reality it’s a narrow strip of grass between the private road through our housing complex and the fence. The building housing the garbage containers to the right and the electric post to the left have been omitted. Oh dear!

The Song of the Day is again Cat Stevens’ “Where Do The Children Play“, interpreted by Dolly Parton. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2487 – Where Do The Children Play III”

  1. I had to make a comment on this photo. I like so much. Photographs like this captivate me; my imagination mixes with my memories and I’m off on a ride through time and space.

    As for your sentiment, I know what you mean. In Brisbane, developers must propose and build a park with any new housing development and they invariably choose the worst bit of land, often quite small and always placed in an area to exactly conducive to making parents feel comfortable about letting their children play there. In the end they remain mostly empty and become just one more patch of grass for the local Council to maintain.

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