2486 – (Nothing But) Flowers

I know, it’s been raining in parts of the world, but here in Austria we have a summer as beautiful and hot as I’ve ever enjoyed.

The images in this post were taken on a trip to East-Tyrol, a part of Austria that belongs to Tyrol, but that since after WW I has been without direct connection to the rest of Tyrol. Although East-Tyrol still belongs to Tyrol administratively, due to its border with Carinthia, my home state has been taking over in a few respects.

The flowers in these images are very prominent in the morning, but they close their blossoms at noon and then they become all but invisible. Due to the heat we left Villach early and we tried to make the trip fast, but with all the blue flowers on the side of the road I had to insist on a short break.

All three images were made in basically the same place, all three employ the same compositional trick, going low and near to the foreground. The flowers are the same as in “2464 – For You Blue II” and “2465 – For You Blue III“, only the lens id cosiderably shorter 🙂

The Song of the Day is “(Nothing But) Flowers” from the 1988 Talking Heads album “Naked”. Hear it on YouTube.

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