2478 – Permanently Temporary

“Temporarily closed due to renovation” says the sign in this window. It once was a restaurant, now it is nothing, and I guess it won’t open again any time soon.

Why I know? Well, I don’t, but whoever owns this place must have known for years that a bunch of new office buildings would open this spring.

In the meantime they have, and at noon around 800 hungry people swarm out for the few restaurants around. Having a restaurant in this place, that’s a gold mine. If it has not opened by now, I can’t imagine it opening ever again.

That’s how it always is. Progress is not linear. Some things improve, some things get worse, some people win, some lose. If more gets improved than decays, if there is just a tiny majority of winners, that’s when we call it progress. And there is no guarantee for progress either. Regardless of what you think about the downsides of Roman civilization, it was leaps ahead of what succeeded it for the next 500 to 1000 years.

The Song of the Day is “Permanently Temporary” from the 2001 Blackmail album “Bliss, Please”. Hear it on YouTube.