2477 – Summer Days IV

Here is the last wallpaper for now, again with the full size on Flickr.

Meadows like this one are almost too good to be true, and if you doubt its fully natural origin, you are absolutely right. The image, like the water lilies in the previous three posts, was taken in a park called Blumengärten Hirschstätten. That’s where the municipal gardeners cultivate the flowers that get planted all over Vienna throughout the year.

It’s a nice place with not only glass houses, but a number of demonstration gardens showing off flowers, typically Viennese vineyards, orchards full of heritage fruit trees, a bamboo forest, a paleozoic area, a park in French style, a labyrinth, a Mexican and a mediterranean area, a pond with lilies, and there is even a wedding pavillion. Pretty cool, and I guess I’ll come back soon. It’s not even far from where I live. In fact it’s little more than a short walk.

One last time the Song of the Day is “Summer Days” from the 2013 Camper Van Beethoven album “La Costa Perdida”. Hear it live on YouTube.