Jul 272013

This is the next one in this mini series of wallpapers. Same pond, same flowers, only this time it’s my currently widest lens, the Olympus 12/2.0. Again you find the full size on Flickr.

In case you wonder, no, I didn’t use a polarizer. Not because I generally dislike them, rather just because I currently don’t own any that fit on my tiny lenses. I’ve done some things in Lightroom though. Mostly it’s pulling the highlights back to -100, pushing them back up selectively where I feel it’s needed (for instance the white flowers), de-saturating the blues, shifting them slightly towards magenta, increasing vibrance, using a radial filter, and in general trying to create a pleasing tonal distribution along with vibrant but still believable colors. Hmm … maybe a polarizer would have been easier 😀

The Song of the Day is still “Summer Days” from the 2013 Camper Van Beethoven album “La Costa Perdida”. Hear it live on YouTube.

  2 Responses to “2475 – Summer Days II”

  1. What a lovely sense of depth with the shadows under the lily pads and the graduation to deep blue…

  2. Well done, a beautiful shot Andreas.

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