2472 – Somewhere In Between II

The Olympus 45/1.8, an equivalent to 90 mm in “full frame” terms, when used on the OM-D and viewed through the electronic viewfinder, roughly shows me the camera image at the same size as reality around me. When I look through the EVF with one eye and when I don’t close the other eye, it’s almost as if I would use no camera at all. Roughly the same size on both eyes, an easy task for the brain.

The 45/1.8 also gives me the field of view that I have when I’m concentrated. The 45/1.8 is my car lens. It’s the lens that I turn to when something catches my attention while I drive. Well, not that I take images while driving (at least not regularly), but when I come back to the spot later or because I stopped immediately, the 45 frames exactly what has attracted me in the first place.

Things can turn out differently of course, something that I later see may end up as the final image, often taken with a shorter or a longer lens, but if I stick to the original subject, I very likely stick to the 45 as well.

The Image of the Day was taken while I waited for a semaphore to turn green.

The Song of the Day is “Somewhere In Between” from Kate Bush’s 2005 album “Aerial”. I’ve used it for the first time in “2171 – Somewhere In Between” .Hear it on YouTube.